Buying an investment property in Sydney


Recently a great improvement has been observed in real-estate industry as it is booming all over the world. People are trending to invest in different types of properties in different cities or countries. But the market of world is combination of different markets which have variations with different areas-(continents, countries); all these different areas have different rules and different market, customer behavior and so, in which case they are only comparable on common factors.

However, in this article the market under consideration is Australian real estate market and the focal point in this market is Sydney. The city of Sydney is the capital of Australia and the business hub of the continent regarding any market. As in our case, the basic question of our article is where should one invest in real estate in the city of Sydney that would be most beneficial for the investor in the long term as well in the short run?

Due to the new changes in a tax law in a negative gearing area, Sydney is the ideal place to invest if considering investing in Australia or receiving bigger tax refund. If one is thinking about exactly where to buy investment property, Sydney is the best and wisest choice to make. Sydney is Australia’s financial nucleus and an all-over a perfect place to settle in.

Wherever to purchase investment property – Considering the most popular of areas.

When one has made the decision to invest and procure the investment property in Sydney the next question that arises is where exactly to purchase? What is the ideal location?

It is suggested that when purchasing an investment property, location is supposed to be a critical factor in the decision and with the harbor city of Sydney, it has quite a few suburbs that are worth considering for such important decision.



The Inner West, for instance comprises of

  • Newtown,
  • Erskineville,
  • Chippendale,
  • Darlington,
  • Camperdown and the University of Sydney

The major factors that are these locations’ best potential as well as their attraction quality for certain residents and investors might be the love of arts, as the area is well-known for its eccentric bars and live music.

On the other hand the suburbs at east of the CBD are a excellent choice if  one is considering a location on or near the water – you’ll find quite of chic restaurants and lively nightclubs in Potts Point, Kings Cross, Woolloomooloo, Rushcutters Bay and Elizabeth Bay .

Procurement of an investment property at the location of the inner-east suburbs of Paddington, Centennial Park, Redfern East, Moore Park, Surry Hills or Darlinghurst may be a good option if one is considering for a place that is a combination of a perfect lifestyle which has easy access to the Sydney, along that there are ample of popular and chic boutiques, exclusive bars as well some excellent restaurants and cafeterias in this area.

Decision of obtaining an investment property in Sydney-

Considering all the possible locations with all their potentials and best qualities if one makes the decision to acquire and invest in a real estate with in Sydney or in its suburbs, the question is what would one get in return over the period of upcoming years?

Whether the reason to procure property in Sydney is to start an investment, manage your tax return or to expand the existing property portfolio, either way it would be very beneficial or the short run or, in most cases, long run.

According to a research paper published by Urban Land Institute and Price Waterhouse Coopers in February of 2012 acknowledged that Sydney is considered to be the third most favorable and promising market for investors across the whole Asia-Pacific zone, However the basic role of Australia’s strong property market made Sydney one of the best location to invest, bringing lots of quality investment to the country.

It is estimated that Sydney produces almost eight per cent of Australia’s total national economy, according to the government of Australia and it is also stated that Sydney is home to approximately 40 per cent of the leading 500 corporations in the Australia.

Besides, the population count of the City of Sydney alone is expected to grow to around 243,000 people by the year 2030 – demonstrating that demand for property and investment in it will show no dropping trends in the years to come.

Sydney Property Finders – Makes life easy for property investors

If one needs to make the perfect decision regarding their investment property, the perfect choice can be made with the help of non-other than the Team of Sydney Property Finders. They can guide the investor in the most proficient manner about all the aspects of the property investment in Sydney as well as help through every step involved in the acquisition. Team of Sydney Property Finders is considered to be one of the best consultants for the property investments and help investors in searching the most appropriate of estates that meets the customers’ demand at all levels.

The first step details that Sydney property finders require from the investor are specifications about the property they want to procure which involve;

  • Investor’s budget
  • Investor’s preferred locations
  • The kind of property investor desire.

From this point on they begin the search for real estates that suit the investor most and make detailed assessments, along with that in addition they go to see on and off-market estates that meet the given specifications; they also conduct a market appraisal to assist the investor to make an informed and proper decision about procurement of an investment property.

Once the investor has decided on a Sydney investment property the investor prefers from the suggested ones, Sydney property Finder Team also offers to help the investor in negotiation of the terms and price which can possibly result in saving thousands of dollars of investor in the procedure.

You need to remember to lodge your tax return online before applying for property finance.